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When Should you Consider a Family Intervention?

Posted by Liz Dalton on

In every troubled family, there are patterns of behavior and communication that are not working. In troubled families, life is unpredictable and sometimes chaotic. Family members feel fear and anxiety. Consequently, when conflict or trouble arises, each family member will instinctively respond with either a fight, flight or freeze response. Blame is thrown around like dirty laundry.

The goal of family intervention work is to make every family member aware of the dynamics of troubled family systems. As each family member wakes up and starts seeing the unhealthy patterns, healing begins. In our firm, we provide 360 degree coaching of adults, teenagers, and children. If possible, we provide coaching to step-parents and other extended family members.

After everyone wakes up, we educate and provide coaching on the dynamics of healthy family systems. We assist each family member brainstorm and design a Family Plan in writing. This Family Plan is signed by each family member. The Family Plan becomes a “peace treaty” and provides guideposts to assist each family member practice new and healthy patterns of behavior and communication.

We provide family intervention coaching when we help design Parenting Plans or modify existing Parenting Plans. We provide family intervention education when we provide marriage and relationship coaching. We do family intervention work when families are in crisis and need a new family plan.