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Do I need a Mediator or a Divorce Consultant?

Posted by Liz Dalton on

Every relationship has unique dynamics. Trusting your intuition is the best way to determine whether you need a family mediator or a divorce consultant.

If there is any possibility that your marriage can be saved, go to mediation with a mediator who provides marriage coaching and referrals to certified couples counselors. Mediation is a conflict resolution process that feels positive and constructive. I can tell immediately if there is a chance to save a marriage. If so, I invite my clients to start over and learn the skills needed for a successful marriage.

If divorce is inevitable and you want to ensure a peaceful and amicable resolution, choose mediation. If possible, attend mediation without your attorney. You can always consult with your attorney prior to your mediation appointment or by phone during the mediation session. Mediation can be more efficient, less expensive, and healing when adversarial attorneys are not present.

If you have children, mediation is designed to assist you learn how to cooperatively co-parent and teach you how to communicate and problem-solve for years to come. Mediation is highly creative. Mediated divorce settlements are customized to meet the unique needs of a family.

If your spouse or co-parent simply wants you to prepare the “paperwork” for his/her review, go to a divorce consultant. Your consultant will assist you propose a fair and reasonable settlement offer and can assist you with preparing the paperwork. Divorce consultants help you navigate the emotional challenges of separation and learn what resources are available to successfully transition into your new life.

The bottom-line is to choose a resolution process that will aid you and your family heal and move forward.