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Welcome to Rise Strong After Divorce

Rise Strong After Divorce


Our mission is to promote healing and personal growth in families.

We are a team of family mediators, educators and coaches who are dedicated to assisting you navigate the many challenges that arise in family relationships. If there is a chance to rescue and save your relationship as a couple, we can help you! We throw our heart and soul into mentoring effective relationship skills and healing wounds and betrayals.

If a divorce or a parental separation is inevitable, we can assist you “consciously uncouple” in an amicable and positive way. We helped invent “good divorces” in Utah. We train couples in how to successfully and effectively co-parent. We assist parents focus on healing and helping their children recover and move forward after a parental separation. We ensure your divorce or separation process is financially prudent and economical.

We provide “Kids Coaching” to assist children, teenagers and young adults heal, learn life skills, and move forward in their lives. We work with all sides and diverse dynamics of a family system, including working with extended and step family members.

We have extensive experience promoting healing in families faced with conflict, relationship wounds, addictions, abuse, trauma, domestic violence, shame, faith crises, betrayal and mental health issues. We teach relationship skills based on Dr. Brene Brown’s Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ curriculum. We promote healing shame, having realistic expectations and creating empathetic connections. We focus on healing what is missing and what “gets in the way” of families having happy and successful relationships. We invite you to partner with us on your healing journey.